In 2013 I toured a show called Unpossible! across the Fringe circuit, hitting Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Vancouver. In 2014 it was selected for Uno Fest in Victoria, and also played the Victoria Fringe.

It sold out in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria, was held over as part of the Pick of the Fringe in Vancouver (where it was also nominated for the Critic's Choice award), and won the Best Cabaret/Variety Award in Victoria (also earning nominations for Best Overall, and Best Male Performer).

The show is stupidly stressful to prepare for and to perform, and it only really sings when I get some good luck. So I'm glad to be done with it, for now. But I will say that the handful of shows that really worked—when everything went right and I got all the breaks—those were the best shows I've ever done, and I'm proud of the work.

The show got better reviews as the tour progressed. Colin Thomas at The Georgia Straight liked it, as did both the Edmonton Journal and the Sun. The show went very well in Victoria, also, and was reviewed by the Marble.

The poster, designed by Rosea Lake, illustration by Bernice Gordon.

Got lucky and my review came out first thing at the Edmonton Fringe, which helped a lot with ticket sales.

The trophy.

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