Fringe reviews, photos:

The first review for the 2010 Vancouver version of Things That Never Happen is now up, here: Plank. Update: at the time of this writing, the site is down, so here's the full text:

"Travis Bernhardt’s performance actually prompted an audience member to exclaim, “I’m all sweaty now!” after his final card trick on Sunday afternoon. This was because after much anticipation…the trick did not actually work! This illusionist, luckily, is not only a great performer but is also charming and very funny. The trick was repeated with double the anticipation in the crowd as well as, seemingly, in Bernhardt himself. The audience was tense and the heat was rising in the air… to the climax of…yes! a successful and truly amazing peak to the show.

This magician exudes a quirky humour while filling the venue with his personality. Go and see some reality bending illusions and laugh with fellow Fringer’s at this entertaining and energetic performance."

Update: Another review, by "A Chick in Van Blogs About Stuff", which includes this quote: "Go see this show now. And sit in the front row. Or we’re not friends any more. Not even Facebook friends. That’s harsh i know but i am doing it for your own good. Like when The Henderson’s told Harry they no longer loved him."

And another review, a little bit of work to find it so I'll quote the whole thing (but if you want to see the original, at the time I write this it's available at the Urban Pie website in their "latest issue"): "I saw this on a whim during a break between two other shows I had scheduled. As it turned out, this was the best show I saw all day. Travis Bernhardt is a magician and “Things That Never Happen” is a delightful performance of parlor magic tricks set in the intimate space at Origins Coffee. Bernhardt is a charming and skilled performer, even if his tricks had failed, I still would have been entertained by his clever banter. But his tricks are amazing. On several occasions, people in the audience gasped audibly (I was one of them). The card trick at the end is simply mind blowing. See it; you will not be disappointed."

And a few photos, taken by an audience member:

Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Update: fantastic! Well attended shows (in a small venue, mind you, but I'll take it!), great reviews, and apparently narrowly missed scoring a Pick of the Fringe spot (decided by audience voting). Now I'm hooked...


My one man show, Things That Never Happen, is playing at the 2010 Vancouver Fringe Festival! The blurb:

Like a science lecture from an alternate universe... Like a carnival barker run away to enter academia...

Featuring: rarely performed masterpieces of parlor magic from some of the greatest magicians of the 20th century! Outrageous lies! Science fiction scenarios brought to life!

4.5 STARS, "Travis Bernhardt is a good illusionist, no, he’s a great illusionist... a very clever performer who will quite possibly make you think you're losing your mind." - Ignite107 radio

4 STARS, "...supercool... If ... it sounds to you like lots of fun, I promise you, it will be." - CBC

You can buy tickets here: Fringe.

The shows are at Origins Organic Coffee Co., on Granville Island, at these times:

Sat, Sept 11, 1:45pm
Sat, Sept 11, 7:40pm
Sun, Sept 12, 5:05pm
Mon, Sept 13, 9pm
Wed, Sept 15, 9pm
Fri, Sept 17, 7:30pm
Sat, Sept 18, 5:15pm
Sun, Sept 19, 4:50pm

Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Update: first ever Fringe Festival was a (qualified) success. Met wonderful people, had good shows, got good reviews. On the other hand, had poor attendance (which I understand is typical for a first timer). Learned a ton, which I will need to apply for the upcoming Vancouver Festival...


I'll be performing at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival this July (14-25th). The show is called Things That Never Happen, and it involves a big chunk of new material, which for me is equal parts excitement and terror...

Photos: street performing.

Downtown Vancouver, corner of Georgia and Robson, week before the Olympics. Photo by Owen Lean.

Photos: street performing.

Granville and Dunsmuir, photos by Venus Soberanes.

Photos: street performing.

Granville and Robson, photos by Venus Soberanes.

Diluting the message.

The Creaking Planks, the jug band of the damned, at the Kelseys Creations launch party at the Dollhouse. I love these people. Photo by Robin Anne Hunt.

Photos: Screaming Chicken Christmas Spectacular Photobooth.

The cast of Dr. T and The Professor's Christmas Miracle, minus Dan Hill.

Sean Covernton (The Professor) and me (Dr. T), with Santa Claus.