Fringe 2012: Lies!

Another Fringe Festival tour complete. For 2012 I toured a new show, called Lies! which consisted of about two thirds new material, tied together (loosely) by a discussion of lying in the context of a theatrical magic show.

The show started in Winnipeg, where I worked out the bugs, made adjustments, tried to figure out the new material. One show I screwed up the finale (and had already gone over time, so couldn't make use of my backup). Full on screw up, no way to recover. And of course, the CBC reviewer was in the house. Luckily the mistake didn't affect the review too much.

From Winnipeg to Saskatoon, where the show survived some hilarious tech issues. A wobbly, cobbled together stage in the middle of a giant school gym, with a tech person who had never done it before in her life (she was enthusiastic, hard working, and everything you'd want in a technician, just no experience whatsoever).

I was surprised at how difficult it was to get some of the new material off the ground, at just how much work it was taking to get things up to standard.

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